Helens Bay Watch

As a group of enthusiastic swimmers we’re grateful to Safer Waters for providing safety coverage. Having their know how and expertise in the sea means that we can plan and swim some fun distances with more confidence. Their boat presence and training informs us of tide and wind conditions while helping us plan some longer distance swims. Safer Waters makes us feel just that, safer in the water.
Swimmers of varying abilities benefit from the safety coverage that Safety Waters provides. Regardless of the level that each of us are at, it is a great exercise to grow our ability and progress towards improvement. We would love to see Safety Waters continue to provide coverage for swims in and around Helens Bay, the Belfast Lough and even further afield. As we develop our skills to swim longer. There are many loughs and sea swim challenges that we would like to take on, and would be delighted to have the continued support of Safety Waters. In so many of these cases these swims would prove impossible should we not have this safety coverage. So we look forward to growing our swimming stamina and challenge accolades alongside this wonderful organisation.