About us

About Us

In recent years, especially since Covid 19-driven lockdown, many recreational activities on the water have exploded in popularity. Whilst established sailing and rowing clubs tend to have safety facilities available in the form of rescue boats, many of these community-based activities don’t and have to rely on self-help or the emergency services when things go wrong. This missing layer of safety is the primary driver for the Safer Waters concept.

What is Safer Waters?

Safer Waters is a club with Charitable status, dedicated to safety support and training for all water users. It was founded in 2020 and have gone from strength to strength

What do we stand for?

The Safer Waters’ vision is to promote and support community “on the water” recreation through the development of safe and extensive water-based activities. We aim to provide a specialist Safety boat service and associated training province-wide on a voluntary basis to any group of water users that needs support. This service will be provided on a minimal cost basis, with safety services being provided free of charge, other than fuel and transport reimbursement.

The Safer Waters Concept:

Many community recreational activities are organised with little or no safety provision, other than the final sanction of calling out the RNLI or other blue light service. The Safer Waters concept is to provide safety and support on the scene, thereby minimising the likelihood of needing to call out the lifeboat. This is “proactive safety”, reducing the need for the “reactive safety” of calling for emergency services assistance.

About us?

The founding members of Safer Waters are a group of friends who have spent years providing event management and safety to sailing clubs. A number of these members kindly provide their own boats to cover safety when required at waterborne events. We also have qualified instructors and an RYA Recognised Training Centre to provide industry standard training. Whilst experience is useful, we welcome new members on the basis of their enthusiasm and drive to contribute to the Safer Waters ethos and training is available, even to novices. We also have on shore roles and we welcome sailors, kayakers, paddle boarders and swimmers, as well as those interested in powerboats, to join our team.

Safer Waters is about purpose, camaraderie, learning and, perhaps most of all, promoting on water recreation of all types safely.

If you’d like further info or want to find out more, use this form to get in touch with us.