Ballyholme Yacht Club

Commodore – Aidan Pounder

Ballyholme Yacht Club (BYC) is one of the most active yacht clubs in Northern Ireland, and hosts World, National, Regional and Club sailing events, in addition to large open water sea swimming events and more recently regional / national windsurfing.

As you can imagine the delivery of such activities is resource heavy with the deployment of suitable on water safety personnel to ensure a safe and fun activity / event.

I am ultimately responsible for the aforementioned along with my fellow Executive Officers, and to ensure such, I often seek assistance from outside sailing clubs and safety organisations such as “Safer Waters” which operates locally to our Club, to compliment our own Club Safety Team.

I have over the last 18 months requested and acquired the assistance of “Safer Waters” in the delivery of safe events at BYC. The “Safer Waters” team works very well and integrates successfully with other concerned bodies to provide a highly professional service.

To conclude, I would thoroughly recommend “Safer Waters” in the provision and delivery of on water safety.